Our strength emerges knowing that traditions are kept alive when knowledge can be used to adapt to change. What we learned from our ancestors keeps us attached to the traditional methods of using the noblest ingredients to produce intense and subtle flavors.

Our trade taught us to think in the long term. The time it takes to meet the conditions to achieve optimal results in quality, appearance and flavor, for each product that we offer to our customers.

El CordobesFoods is made by people based on emotions and experiences applied to the creation of superlative quality premium products.

“El Cordobés, for some the meaning is someone from Córdoba; for me it means mother, father, sacrifice, joy, cold, tiredness, dedication, perseverance, smell, taste, admiration, travel, uprooting, love, uncertainty, companion, future , children, job, respect, improvement, success,….. and I could continue telling you in every word passages of my life that shaped me professionally, but fundamentally as a person.”

El Cordobes Foods is a place, a history, a store, a way of doing things, an identity, an experience, a source of innovation and creativity around meat and its relationship with gastronomy.

We are artisans by conviction, because the spirit that moves us is to take care of the details, to produce only those in which we can put our heart, hands and the best ingredients. At the same time we use the most advanced technology available to make our creations perfect in terms of hygiene and process. The latest technologies only serve to boost creativity and guarantee quality, but not to distance the human being from the creation of quality products.

Why are we trending?

take a look at some reviews!

Used the Ground Beef Round 85% Lean 15% Fat for tacos. It tasted great! My husband is hard to impress and he kept saying “that’s good beef”! It’s actually better than “The Beef People”. I can’t wait to order more for burgers on the grill.
Emilia Clarke
I've bought their meats within the past month and the ribeye steak that we had for dinner was one of the best steaks I’ve had in my life. All the products I ordered were still frozen after I got home. It comes well packaged and the prices are great. I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know!
George Harrison
What took me so long? I first tried yak burgers in Colorado, where people are raising yak all over the place. I was so impressed.
Joe Pazzalota